Castro Valley Boulevard Streetscape Project.

Overview Creating a Pedestrian “Main Street” for the Castro Valley Community To create a safe, comfortable and attractive pedestrian main street for downtown Castro Valley, a series of street improvements totaling over $9M are currently being implemented for Castro Valley Boulevard.


How to choose the right auto insurance.

You can get peace of mind by knowing that your car insurance policy is protecting your family on the road. But there’s no perfect policy – every family’s needs are different. By understanding the different types of cover available, you will be better placed to make the right choice for your family.

Types of cover


Castro Valley Computer Repair

Computer Repair Services:

We specializes in onsite computer repair and consulting services for the Home, Small Business, and Medium Sized Business. Some of our services include Data Recovery, Network Wireless Network Setup & Security. Onsite computer & network repair services. We will sit down with you, and show you how we, can make your home [...]